After experiencing the daily stress of the modern world, I began to rely on incense and daily meditation to ease the stress I endured in my life. It started one night after a 12 hour shift, I could not sleep and I had to be up the next morning to do it all over again at 6am.

I was laying in bed trying to relax my mind while aimlessly scrolling through my facebook feed. That is when I saw a friends post about the benefits of incense to relieve stress and relax the mind. So, in a desperate attempt to find anyway to relax my mind at the end of a long day, I did a quick search for incense and placed the order! 

A couple weeks later, when getting home from work, I saw my package had finally arrived and was sitting on the front step. Excited to test it out, I went inside, sat on the couch, and lit the incense stick. After a few minutes, I began to feel more relaxed and was able to unwind for the first time in months!

I was extremely surprised at how effective it actually was but I knew this was going to change my life! After experiencing the benefits of incense combined with meditation and yoga I know I needed to help others across the world alleviate stress in their lives!

This is when I went on a mission to find the best and most unique incense burner in the world. What was created was the MantraFallsᵀᴹ incense burner! When you place an incense cone on the incense burner and light the cone, you experience the wonderful scent and benefits of incense. But, you also experience the soothing effects of watching the smoke flow down the burner like a waterfall! 

Combining both the relaxing aroma and soothing waterfall visual effect the stress will melt away within 23 seconds! It was this that I had to share with the world! 

We created Strite Mantra and began our mission to help the maximum number of people reduce stress as possible!

 -Amy, Strite Mantra Founder

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